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Real Estate

Aerial images promote your property in a way that is virtually unavailable by any other means. A single aerial image shows the entire surrounding area with your properties' relative location. A crisp, vibrant, color aerial image may be the single most influential difference in convincing a client to visit your site. A picture is worth more than a thousand words!


Aerial images are an excellent
way to document jobsite conditions since the entire project area can be captured in a single view. Starting from the initial site evaluation and planning process, aerial images show the progress of your project from its inception to completion. A series of staggered aerial images will show how the job is progressing and be invaluable in resolving any disputes or lawsuits that arise.

Custom Images

Dakota Aerials strives for perfection...this means flying
at the time of day to obtain the
best lighting, utilizing the proper angle and altitude, shooting with state-of-the-art equipment, and, most importantly, putting all this together with a natural ability
to "frame" an image that best portrays your property. Nothing is more beautiful or shows more pride in your home or business than a large framed aerial image.


Our in-house graphics department provides image enhancing tools including site layout, road and reference point labels, scale information, and color management.  We will deliver prints from 2"- 40"wide and digital images on CD or via email.  Images can be mounted on foam board or gator board and laminated for presentations.